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Inhume mp3 download (37 tracks)

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Album: Chaos Dissection Order mp3 download

Year: 2007
Artist: Inhume
Quality: High
Rating: StarStarStarStar

Inhume - Chaos Dissection Order album

Track listing:

No. Title Size
1. Inhume - Superior Existence.mp3 4.41 Mb download
2. Inhume - Plague Injected.mp3 3.34 Mb download
3. Inhume - Oppressing the Weak.mp3 4.57 Mb download
4. Inhume - Chaos Dissection Order.mp3 3.54 Mb download
5. Inhume - Retaliate.mp3 3.32 Mb download
6. Inhume - Severely Deteriorated Flesh.mp3 3.79 Mb download
7. Inhume - Dismal.mp3 4.49 Mb download
8. Inhume - Abhorrent.mp3 4.72 Mb download
9. Inhume - Grind Culture.mp3 2.40 Mb download
10. Inhume - Hollow.mp3 3.94 Mb download
11. Inhume - Exhume.mp3 3.50 Mb download
12. Inhume - Swift Genocide.mp3 4.79 Mb download
13. Inhume - Illuminati.mp3 3.43 Mb download
14. Inhume - Human Slave Colony.mp3 3.13 Mb download
15. Inhume - Bewildered by Rage.mp3 3.88 Mb download
16. Inhume - Hate/Kill.mp3 5.79 Mb download

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Album: In for the Kill mp3 download

Year: 2003
Artist: Inhume
Quality: High
Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

Inhume - In for the Kill album

Track listing:

No. Title Size
1. Inhume - Incineration of the Body by Own Will.mp3 3.63 Mb download
2. Inhume - Process to Decelerate.mp3 3.71 Mb download
3. Inhume - Inhume.mp3 5.45 Mb download
4. Inhume - Genetic Intervention.mp3 2.31 Mb download
5. Inhume - Prelude to Human Confinement.mp3 1.24 Mb download
6. Inhume - Scourging.mp3 3.45 Mb download
7. Inhume - In for the Kill.mp3 3.88 Mb download
8. Inhume - Decimated Content.mp3 4.64 Mb download
9. Inhume - Ignorance of the Elevated.mp3 4.19 Mb download
10. Inhume - Bitch Redecoration.mp3 2.91 Mb download
11. Inhume - Bowel Movement.mp3 3.31 Mb download
12. Inhume - Profound Presumption.mp3 0.84 Mb download
13. Inhume - Fucked With Paranoia.mp3 3.11 Mb download
14. Inhume - Blood Orgy at 7th Street.mp3 4.45 Mb download
15. Inhume - Sodomizing Encounter.mp3 5.12 Mb download
16. Inhume - Retreat from Morality.mp3 4.20 Mb download

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Album: Decoposing From Inside mp3 download

Year: 0
Artist: Inhume
Quality: High
Rating: StarStarStar

Inhume - Decoposing From Inside album

Track listing:

No. Title Size
1. Inhume - Gargling Guts.mp3 2.28 Mb download
2. Inhume - Squirming Parasite.mp3 2.58 Mb download
3. Inhume - Human Fucking Guinea-Pig.mp3 2.85 Mb download
4. Inhume - Schizophrenic Pulp.mp3 2.82 Mb download
5. Inhume - Unforseen Annihilation.mp3 2.38 Mb download
6. Inhume - Forbidden Hunger.mp3 3.54 Mb download
7. Inhume - Airplane Crash.mp3 3.32 Mb download
8. Inhume - Splenetic Views.mp3 1.99 Mb download
9. Inhume - Blood Sperm Shit.mp3 2.06 Mb download
10. Inhume - Tiamat.mp3 0.70 Mb download
11. Inhume - Meatcleaver.mp3 1.34 Mb download
12. Inhume - Turmohead.mp3 2.34 Mb download
13. Inhume - 4 Months Below.mp3 0.85 Mb download
14. Inhume - Inescapable Destiny.mp3 1.42 Mb download
15. Inhume - Regressive Progression.mp3 0.21 Mb download
16. Inhume - The Missing Limb.mp3 2.89 Mb download
17. Inhume - Dead Man Walking.mp3 2.59 Mb download
18. Inhume - Destructive Impulse.mp3 1.73 Mb download
19. Inhume - Invisible Death.mp3 2.49 Mb download

Artist: Yung Prince
Song: My Bed

Chorus X(5)
In my bed girl it's where it all goes down
Lay ya body down girl don't make a sound
In my bed!

My bed is like trademark the way the people visit it! Bitches wanna fuck me cause they know I be the Prince

Well we can fuck girl my mama anit at the crib let me take you take you to my bed and show you how I really live

Take ya panties off imma hit it from the back ooo I really like the way you do it just like that ooo you my bust it baby imma bust up on ya face now lick that shit up like sum fuckin ice cream AYE!

Yes I am a freak I gotta lot of sheets that girls cummed on man I gotta get em clean I told my mom that chu know I had a wet dream that's why I had a lot of sheets I had to get clean!

You know I love pussy but I don't like cats everybody know I got money that's a fact you come to my crib you lay up on my bed I'm trying to pipe you down so betta be prepared YAH!

Chorus X(5)
In my bed girl it's where it all goes down
Lay ya body down girl don't make a sound
In my bed!

I had so much pussy in my house like playboy! I don't play games when it come to this pussy boy!

Yea and you know I gotta lotta money so that bring mo' bitches and a lot of cuddy Imma fucking beast in the fucking sheets I got these girls lined up so I can clap they cheeks

You already know that imma fucking freak I bring in a new chick every other week I gotta lotta buzz I'm like a bumble bee everybody and they mama wanna fuck wit me

Come over man you know where my crib be my bed is open I wanna see yo booty baby girl pick it up and drop it to the flo' I like the way you shake girl you know I got this dough I'm finnna make it rain imma finna make it snow you know I'm getting money baby and that's that

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